Gravina Group was created in 1992. Thanks to the extensive experience and competencies of the founders in the wood sector, they created a company renown in Italy and internationally for its wood workmanship.

The entrepreneurial venture was built and developed following the modern company values: training, quality and assistance.

Gravina Group ensures that all its employees – such as the employees working in the sales, operational and logistical departments – have extensive training. By doing this we are able to guarantee our customers the highest quality and standards and provide them with expert consultations.

Special care is given to the ongoing research for innovative materials and planning solutions; some of our projects are done with the partnership of a team of architects and interior designs. The quality and distinctiveness of our manufactured product is an additional value that we wish to extend to each of our customers.

We produce and distribute indoor and outdoor wooden flooring, wooden and steel staircases, boiseries, resin flooring and other product such as eco-stone and wallpaper. But this is not the only reason for our customers choosing us. Our added value is demonstrated in the other services that we provide, meeting each individual customers needs.

Gravina parquet


  • Direct installation system by qualified in-house technicians (we do not use external contractors)
  • Solution for irregular sub floor conditions and wood floor basing for installation
  • Consulting on substrates, adhesives, wood types and technical valuations
  • Consultation service for sub floor basing and installation
  • Wood floor care and maintenance services
  • “Peace of mind installation system”: 5 year warranty on faulty products and installation related problems

Other Services

Gravina Group also offers an innovative resin covering for walls and floors; a wide range of exclusively branded wallpaper; a characteristic wall covering made with ecostone. Our mission statement is: To improve the living environment in order to live in a more functional and pleasant space. The customer living space needs to reflect his personality. Through his choices and our work, our aim is to enhance his individuality.

Our head office is located in a historical town renowned for its craftsmanship. Occupying 3500 square meters, we have an expansive showroom and a workshop where our craftsmen create staircases, wood flooring and prestigious wood coverings (it is in this workshop that we will aim to meet all customer’s needs).

We carry full stock of our products in our store rooms. Gravina Group also has a showroom in Bari, the capital of Apulia.

Commercial area

Currently Gravina Group has two stylish and elegantshow rooms, Gravina in Puglia and Bari. Theywere created with the intention of satisfying everycustomer’s enquiry regarding our products and aboutwood in general. In each show room we have expertsand professional sales consultants that can guidethe customer through the options of wood types,shapes, floor finish and manufacturing process inorder to select the floor that best suits the customer’sneeds. You can book a visit to one of our showroomsin the following ways: through our external salesconsultants, by phone or by completing the form thatyou can find on our website. One of our agents willarrange a meeting, alternatively we can arrange for atechnical survey.